How do students see feedback on their self-marked work?

Self-marking can help students obtain a more comprehensive idea of what they need to work on within a given topic.


Students can self-mark their work for  extended response questions. Once they've written their answer and are ready to submit it, they'll need to select the Self-Mark Answer button. 

They will be able to see the marking criteria for that question, as well as their own answer, keywords, and if they scroll down further, an explanation and/or model answer (if these have been provided). With the marking criteria, they'll be able to look over the work they've done and analyse how well they've answered the question.

If students wish to improve their answer, they can select the Improve my answer button, which will take them back to the question to either edit their work, or make a new response. 

Once finished, select Got it! to continue to the next slide.

How students can view teacher feedback

Once teachers have submitted the feedback, students can view it by finding the lesson in their Student Zone. There will be a new comment notification on any work that has been commented on. 

Next, select the Peer Review section and choose a question.

All of the feedback will appear on the right side of the page. If you have recorded audio feedback, they will be able to listen to it by selecting the play button.

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