How do I send a shoutout?

During competitions, shoutouts allow students to encourage each other to achieve even greater success. Students are given opportunities to send shoutouts to other students, or to their school. Teachers can also send shoutouts.

Once you are all signed in and on the Home page of Education Perfect, select the Competitions subheading at the top of your screen.

Select the competition you are wanting to create a Shoutout for. Remember you can only send a Shoutout per hour and you must have 10 points before doing so. 

Click on the Send Shoutout button. 

From here, you are more than welcome to send encouraging and motivating words to your peers in the text box avaliable. 

You can only send one shoutout per hour, and it costs 10 EP credits to send one.

Shoutouts are automatically filtered to remove most inappropriate material. We manually monitor the rest and remove anything that slips through the automatic filters. If you notice an inappropriate shoutout, please send an email to with the student's name, school and as much detail about the content of the shoutout as possible, and we can remove it.

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