How do I cheer people on?

You can send cheers to other students to encourage them with their work.

Cheering on students from the scoreboard

From your Student Dashboard, you can find a scoreboard at the bottom of the page. You can select between the Class, SchoolCountry or Global filters to see other students' scores.

To cheer someone on, hover over the megaphone button and select  Cheer! 

Scoreboard in the Student Zone with the megaphone button highlighted

You will be given the option of selecting one of several stickers. Select the one you would like to send and press Send Cheer. Please note that different stickers cost a different number of EP credits. 

You can earn cheers by completing lists and lessons.

Pop up window showing the Send Cheers options

Cheering students on from within a lesson

Within lessons, you'll see a number of students listed at the top of the page. You can cheer them on by hovering over their name and selecting the blue  Cheer! option. 

Smart Lesson with the button to send cheers to fellow students highlighted

Select a sticker and then click the  Send Cheer button.

Smart Lesson with the pop up window to Send Cheers opened

Teachers can choose to prevent students from receiving cheers by  disabling them when creating tasks.  

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