Why is my content locked?

 When assigning certain types of content to your students, you may come across a lock symbol. There are a couple of reasons that this may occur.

Assigning two types of content

There are five types of content that can be identified by the following icons:

Smart Lesson Smart Lessons are lessons that are made up of information slides and multiple styles of questions.

Translation List Translation Lists are a list of words that can test your students' Language vocabulary.

Fact List Fact Lists are for testing technical vocabulary. 

Spelling List Spelling Lists are a list of words that can test your students' spelling.

Pre-built Assessment A pre-built assessment is an assessment based on a past exam or diagnostic test, or which has been created by a teacher at your school.

Smart Lessons cannot be assigned alongside Lists due to the reporting requirements being so different for the two types of Content. When you assign content of one type, locks will appear on the other type of content.

If you want to assign two or more different types of content, you'll need to assign them in separate Tasks.

Assigning assessments as a task

When assigning a task, any pre-built assessments will have a lock icon on them. This is because this content is specifically formatted to be assigned as an assessment. You will need to assign these as an assessment rather than a task.

Assigning lessons from different subjects

You're unable to assign work from different Subjects (e.g. you can't assign Spanish content alongside Italian). 

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