How do I copy a link to a list or lesson?

You can easily get links to activities from the large amount of content available in the Content Library. This can be emailed to your students or integrated into your Learning Management System.

Finding a link to the content

Open your Content tab.

Select the lesson you want to link to, and click on the grey More button.

Get a link for your LMS will only be available if your school is part of the integration with Education Perfect. To take advantage of the advanced integrations with EP, your LMS needs to support the LTI standard.

Click on Get a link for students, and then copy the link that appears.

Sharing the link

If your LMS has been integrated with Education Perfect, you can paste the LTI link there. If not, you can put the link in an email to your students, on your class' page in Google Classroom or Moodle, or wherever you normally distribute information to them.

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