Student feedback on Education Perfect

In the past, students have been able to submit free text feedback while completing a lesson, or once they finished one. Some of this feedback was then displayed to teachers through their EP dashboard. We've made some changes to this feature that we'd like to share!

EP recognises that the student voice is an incredibly important part of the feedback loop, for both teachers and for EP. With a growing number of users on EP, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor all feedback submitted. As schools have their own in-house ways of collecting this feedback safely, we have elected that it is time to remove this feature from our platform.

Prioritising student wellbeing and their voices is of the utmost importance to us. In light of this removal of this feature, we'll be researching best practices on how to manage large amounts of feedback. We'll use our findings to inform how we as a business can provide opportunities for students to disclose feedback in-platform safely.

What has changed?

  • The feedback textbox prompt at the end of completed lessons and lists has been removed.
  • The thumbs up/thumbs down and comment feedback buttons in Smart Lesson content has been removed for students.
  • In addition, student feedback will no longer appear to teachers within their dashboard. This includes the dashboard newsfeed, the Insights tab, within Tasks, and within the Classes tab.

What remains the same?

  • Students are still prompted to give a star rating and earn cheer credits at the end of completed lessons. For list based content, feedback prompts have been removed entirely due to a technical limitation.
  • Star ratings for lessons remain the same in all in-app reporting tools.
  • Points earned when completing lessons/lists remain the same.

Here's the old feedback prompt (left) compared with the new one (right), that students see. Students still receive credits for leaving star ratings.

old feedback prompt vs new feedback prompt

Alternative feedback collection methods on EP

If you wish to continue to collect student comments, there are still ways to do this within EP by creating or editing content in the Content Library. 

Start by navigating to the Content Library and creating a new lesson, or customising an existing lesson. Then, use the following component(s) depending on the desired collection method:

Long Answer Component

  • This component enables a free text box for students to type their responses in.
  • Provide a question prompt to start students off. E.g. "Describe how you found this lesson".
  • Students can give as much or as little feedback as they like, or even skip it if they wish.
  • Enable the in-built gibberish filter to reduce spam comments.

Long answer alternative feedback method

Embed Component

  • Use this component to embed an external form (that offers embed links) for students to fill out directly within the lesson.

Embed alternative feedback method

Scratchpad Component

  • Use this component to ask students to indicate their confidence/enjoyment on a matrix or scale!

scratchpad alternative feedback method

Audio Recorder Component

  • Set up an Audio Recorder component for students to record their voices. This is useful for those who have difficulty putting their feedback into words.
  • The recording can either be a short 30 second snippet, or you can allow up to 10 minutes, depending on the level of feedback or reflection wanted.

audio recorder alternative feedback method

File Uploader Component

  • Use this component to allow students to upload any type of media (video, image, audio, documents) where they have outlined their feedback.

Uploader alternative feedback method

If you have any questions or have ideas of other creative ways to gather student feedback in-app, let us know by getting in touch.

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