G-Suite Configuration

This article details how to configure G-suite for use with Education Perfect's Single Sign-On (SSO) system.

Add SAML App to G-Suite

  1. Follow Google's documentation for setting up a custom SAML app.
  2. On the Google IdP Information screen, under Option 2, click the download button next to IDP metadata. This will download a metadata file which you will need to send to us to configure SSO for your school.
  3. On the Service Provider Details screen, enter the following:
    1. ACS URL: https://sso.educationperfect.com/sso/saml2
    2. Entity ID: https://sso.educationperfect.com
    3. Start URL: https://www.educationperfect.com/app/#/dashboard
    4. Signed Response: Leave unchecked.
    5. Name IDBasic InformationPrimary Email.
    6. Name ID FormatPERSISTENT.
    1. Click Next
    2. On the Attribute Mapping screen, click Finish
    3. You should now see Education Perfect in the list of SAML apps, but it will not be enabled. Click on Edit Service and then turn it on for everyone or specific organisational units as appropriate, and save.
    4. As noted, this may take up to 24 hours to take effect for all of your Google users.

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