How do I use the Advanced Editor to make an information slide?

Information Slides allow you to introduce new concepts to your students.

This article is for creating Information Slides using the Advanced Editor and is intended for use by teachers who have received training from Education Perfect. It is possible to create questions that will not function using this version of the editor. If you're unsure, please refer to this guide.

Select an existing Information Slide, or add a new Information Slide. Next, select Advanced Editor.

A prompt will appear, select Open Advanced Editor

Here, you will have the option to choose between various templates to best convey your information. Simply select your preferred slide. In this guide, we will be utilising the "Information (Text + Picture)" slide variety.

In the screen that follows, you are presented with the Editing Screen, which provides spaces to place various text, images, video, and other media. You can insert these by selecting the relevant spaces, either on the screen, or in the box at the bottom of the screen. Linked ideas in the slide are highlighted down here when hovering over the corresponding object.

Introduce your new idea

Select a text box, and then the Edit option that pops up. 

In the Text Editor that appears, type in a brief summary of the information you would like to convey and select OK.

You also have the option to edit your text boxes in the screen at the bottom of the editing window.

Add an image, video or sound clip

To embed media, select one of the four relevant icons. We have a library of images, sound files, and videos available for use. You can also choose to upload your own files and embed YouTube links. 

If you're uploading your own media: the following file formats are supported. For images,  .bmp.jpg.gif, and .png; for videos, .mov.mp4, and .m4v; for audio, .mp3.wav, and .m4a.

Save your slide

Select Preview at the top of the screen to open the Question Preview screen to get an idea of what your slide will look like when released. 

When you're happy with your creation, select the Details tab at the top and give the slide a name by selecting the tile text box and typing it in. 

Click Save once you are finished and the slide will be added to the Information section. 

If you want to make further alterations, select Edit Slide and you will be returned to the Question Editor.

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