How do I use the Advanced Editor to make multichoice questions?

Multichoice Questions are a great way to quickly test students' understanding of topics. They are automatically marked with instant feedback.

This article is for creating Multichoice Questions using the Advanced Editor and is intended for use by teachers who have received training from Education Perfect. It is possible to create questions that will not function using this version of the editor. If you're unsure, please refer to  this guide.

Multichoice Questions can be used in the Quiz sections of a Smart Lesson. Including them in other section types, such as Extended Response sections may result in compatibility issues.

Once in the Content Library, ensure that you're on in Edit mode by clicking on the Edit button at the top right of the page.

Select Add Content, and then select Smart Lesson.

Begin with an existing Quiz section, or create a new one. Then select Advanced Editor.

A prompt will appear, select Open Advanced Editor

From here, select the 'Multichoice Question (Picture)' Template. 

Ask a question and provide possible answers

Select the question text box, and select Edit

Type your question into the text-box that pops. Once satisfied, select OK

Select the Multichoice Component, and select Edit

In the Multichoice Component Editor, double click the Output Text Boxes, and type in your answers. Select Add Option to insert additional answers.

By default, the first box is the correct answer and the remaining options are incorrect. You can change this by selecting the Correct text box, and typing in "true" or "false" as appropriate. 

At least one answer must be correct, but a question can also have multiple correct answers. You can change how many answers are to be displayed (and how many correct ones, if multiple selection is checked) in the question by changing the number in the  "Displayed Optionsbox.  

Once satisfied, select OK and the answers section will be added to the slide.

Add an image, video or sound clip

To embed media, select one of the four relevant icons. We have a library of images, sound files and videos available for use. You can also choose to upload your own files and embed YouTube links. 

If you're uploading your own media, the following file formats are supported. For images,  .bmp.jpg.gif, and .png; for videos, .mov.mp4, and .m4v; for audio, .mp3.wav, and .m4a.

Configure Optional Settings

Provide an explanation for incorrect answers

If students incorrectly answer the question, they will be shown the correct answer automatically. You can provide additional information about the correct answer by writing something in the Explanation tab. 

Anything that you write in the textbox at the bottom of the page will be displayed to students once they complete a question, along with the correct answers.

Customise answer order

By default, answers will be shown to students in a randomised order each time. You can modify this through the Multichoice Component Editor. As before, select the Answers section of the slide and the Edit button that pops up.

The Sort Order column on the right hand side is where you can format this; the answers will be ordered from the lowest number to the highest. Options with the same numbers will be ordered randomly in their allotted position. 

To see what your slide will look on the students' end, select Preview at the top of the editing screen. 

The Question Preview will pop up. Select the Answer tab to view a depiction of the secondary answer screen that will be shown once the question is answered. 

When you're happy with your question, give the question a name by navigating to the Details tab. 

 Select the Title text box, and type in the name of your question. Select Save once you have finished making changes.

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