How do I embed content, tasks and assessments in Canvas?

Content can be embedded in Canvas in one of two ways: by browsing the Content Library from within Canvas, or by copying a link to a lesson, task or assessment from the Control Panel.

Getting Started

Create a module as normal within Canvas, then click the  icon at the top right:

Choose  External Tool from the drop-down menu. 

To browse the Content Library for an activity:

Select  Education Perfect Content.

Browse to the list or lesson you want your students to complete, then click the  Embed button.

To embed an existing lesson, task or assessment

Copy the LMS link from the Control Panel (for more information, see  How do I get links to content, tasks and assessments?).

On the  Add Item to New Canvas Module page, paste the link into the URL box.

Finishing Up

After selecting a lesson from the Content Picker or pasting a link into the URL box, give the lesson a name in the  Page Name text. Finally, click Add Item.

To view your students' results on a Smart Lesson, load the page you have created and click  Student Progress. You will be taken to the Control Panel where you can view your students' progress, answers, common mistakes and more. 

You can view  task and assessment results in the Control Panel.

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