How do I add another teacher to my class?

There are many reasons that you may want to add an additional staff member to your class; you may have a substitute teacher taking your class, a student teacher may be interested in the system, or you may have a colleague that you share your class workload with. 

Select the red  Manage Accounts tab in the Control Panel.

Setting up a new teacher account

Select  Add teacher under the Staff section. Fill out the details of the teacher you are wanting to add. You can choose from various salutations and add a first name, surname, email address and Job Title.

Selecting departments that are the relevant teacher will ensure that they are recommended content from those departments. 

Adding a teacher to a class

Select the class which you're adding the teacher to and select the  Change or add button near the top of the page.

In the dialogue box that appears, check all of the teachers whom you'd like to be in the class.

Click  Select Teacher and the new teacher will be added to the class. They will then be able to access the classes in the same way as you.

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