EP GCC Arabic Challenge 2024

A fun celebration of Arabic language learning, this 3-day challenge is exclusive to GCC Schools.

The competition is a fun and engaging opportunity for students to engage, revise, and learn Arabic content on the Education Perfect platform.

When is the event?

The event will be open from Tuesday 23 January (8 am GST) until Thursday 25 January (5 pm GST) 2024.

Students can participate as much or as little as they like. 

Competition content is aimed at students learning Arabic as a foreign language, and students will be able to earn points by completing any content from the Arabic subject area on EP.

Who can take part?

All GCC schools are warmly invited to participate and have been invited via email. If you have not received an invite, please reach out to our team.

The challenge is suitable for any student learning Arabic as a foreign language at Key Stage 3.

If you have a colleague at another GCC school who you think might be interested, they are welcome to contact us to take part.

How do students compete? 

Students will need an account to participate and can be set up by following our guide.

  • Students will log in to EP, and complete any of our EP Arabic activities for Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing, as well as our extensive bank of vocabulary quizzes.
  • Students earn points for correct answers regardless of lesson difficulty. The more questions they complete, the more points they earn
  • Students can independently access and complete Arabic content during the event, but will also earn points for any teacher-assigned work. This way, you can choose whether to direct students to particular activities or let them choose the content they wish to complete for the competition.

Check out our full student participation guide, and download and share our tips for students flyer.

How much time will it require?

We know that teaching schedules are jam-packed, which is why we've designed this competition to be as flexible as possible. You do not need to allocate class time to take part, and there is no minimum amount of time required. 

What content is included?

Students will be able to compete by answering any questions from the Arabic subject folder. Please note only official EP content completed will count towards the scoreboard. 

How could I run this event with my students?

You could:

  • Allocate one or more of your Arabic lessons to the Challenge and guide students towards specific content (ie revision materials from recent topics); 
  • Assign the challenge as a fun homework activity for your students
  • Run the challenge as an extra-curricular event, and offer time for students to participate during lunchtime and/or after school.

Some teachers like to offer additional in-school rewards, such as House Points or Merits, to encourage friendly competition and boost student participation.

How can I support my students?

Encourage them to get involved! The best way to support them is to help them to log in, then keep an eye on the scoreboard and cheer them on. 

How can I promote the event?

If you would like to share this event on your own online networks, feel free to download and share our competition poster here and the promotional tile hereMake sure to tag Education Perfect!

Prizes and certificates

Top-scoring schools

The top 3 GCC schools with the highest average points will be awarded a digital badge that they can display on their school website! 

Participating students

Teachers will be able to download personalised certificates for participating students who earned an award on the scoreboard. These will become available once the scoreboard has been finalised by the EP team. 

More information on how to download certificates can be found here.

Top-scoring students

The top 3 students overall will be awarded the following:

  • First place: AED 100 Amazon voucher 
  • Second place: AED 75 Amazon voucher 
  • Third place: AED 50 Amazon voucher 

Teachers of the winning students and those from the winning schools will be notified via email.

How can I register my students? 

If you would like your students to compete please be sure to register your class. You will then receive an email with the next steps including instructions on how to upload your class. Please see more information on how to upload your classes here.

Please note that students cannot register themselves; the registration process must be completed by a class teacher.

Competition rules

At EP, we take competition integrity very seriously. We recommend that all teachers and competing students check out our full competition rules.

Any students found to be earning points unfairly will be disqualified from the event.

To be able to participate in the GCC Arabic Challenge your school must be registered, and students enrolled on the EP platform. See how can upload your classes via this guide here.

For assistance with registering or for any questions, please contact us.

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