How do I add students if I'm at an SSO/LTI school?

The procedure for adding students to EP is slightly different if your school uses Single Sign-On (SSO) and/or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) technology. You will need to enter unique identification codes to link your new students' accounts to the school portal.

As with ordinary student addition, enter the Classes tab from your dashboard and navigate to the student's class. Click the Add Student button. 

add student button within a class

In the screen that appears, type in your new student's name in the appropriate text boxes. Then, (if they do not appear in the suggested matches) select Create a new student account.

create new student dialogue

Add the student's details, but pay particular attention to the inputs for Single Sign On (SSO) ID. This is the code that will integrate the new student's EP account to your school's SSO portal. 

Follow the same procedure for  D2L Identifier (LTI), if applicable.

If the SSO ID is not input correctly, your new student will not be able to access EP through the school's portal.

Similarly, if the LTI ID is not correctly set up, they will not be able to use embedded EP content.

SSO ID field example

Hover your cursor over the Help icons, and you will be presented with examples of students and their associated SSO and/or LTI ID numbers, to give you an idea of what the SSO and/or LTI ID should look like at your school.

If unsure, please contact your school's IT Department for this information. Often these will be related to other details, such as student ID or school email addresses. 

sso id template example

Once all the required information has been filled in, select Add to Class to finish setting up the account. The student will now be able to log in through your school's SSO/LTI portal and be assigned tasks and assessments for this class.

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