Setting Tasks for your EP for Home learners

Setting Tasks allows you to give each learner a clear schedule of what needs to be completed each week. It’s also a great way for you to track progress and gives you a printable record of learning for each Task set.

Step-by-step Guide 

Click + Assign under the orange Tasks tab, and choose Lesson.

GIF showign accessing the tasks tab

Choose EP for Home as your class, filter between learners and pick your timeframe - by default, it’s set to a week.

GIF showing chooseing students and timeframe

Picking lessons

Click Add Content to choose your lessons. Most Homeschool families choose to set about 2-3 hours of core subjects each week. 

  • Pick your Subject.
  • Pick your Topic (we recommend starting at the top).
  • Tick the lessons.

Choosing content for task

Not sure which lessons to choose? Download our learning plans! These act as a checklist showing you exactly what to set under each subject. Print them out and manually tick off lessons as you set them. Lesson plan examples

Click Assign, and you’re all done! When your learner logs into their account, they’ll see their schedule under the Tasks & Assessments tab.

student view of assigned task

Rinse & Repeat: You can only set one subject per task, so follow the same routine for each of your chosen subjects.

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