Getting your learner(s) started with EP for Home

Getting your learner(s) set up and answering questions is easy! You'll just need to log them in separately using their own personal EP login details.

Finding your learner's login details

It's really important that your learner(s) use their student log in to access EP. Otherwise, their learning progress and Task completion data won't be visible.

Check your emails! You should have received the email below with your learner(s) login details.

GIF showing clicking into an email and copying login details

Alternatively, you can easily find their login details by clicking the EP for Home box on your main screen.

GIF showing clicking into the EP for Home class in the EP platform

Pick your device

Your learners can use:

  1. Laptops or computers (log in here). If you’re sharing a device, remember to log out first!
  2. Hand held devices (tablets or smartphones). Download the Apple or  Android app.

examples of devices you can use with Education Perfect

Log in and start completing lessons

  1. Pick a subject.
  2. Click Browse Content then scroll down to your year level.
  3. Work through the topics from the top down.

Gif showing navigating to the content library and clicking into lessons from a student perspective

The next step is to set some Tasks using the parent account so your learner has a clear schedule to follow! Setting tasks allows you to pick lessons for your learner to complete over a certain timeframe. 

Learn how to assign a Task.

If you need to subscribe or update your subscription, you can do so here.

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