How do we set up an integration between Education Perfect and our LMS?

If your school uses Canvas, please see our  Canvas-specific integration instructions.

If your LMS  supports LTI and you'd like to add an integration: 

Key Details:
Test app URL:

Live app URL:

  1. Get in touch with us on Our team will send you a consumer and secret key pair which you can use to authenticate with us. 
  2. Install our test page ( as a module in your LMS, then load it and send us the contents of the page. This will provide us with the information we need to continue the integration. 
  3. We then need to match any existing Education Perfect users to the unique identifier your LMS uses to confirm their identity. This enables any work that students do to be stored against their account. Often this is the user's school email address, but it can differ from school to school.
  4. Once all students and staff have been successfully set up with their identifiers, you can activate the live integration ( which supports embedding content and uses the authentication we set up in step 3.

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