2023 ANZ Maths Championship

A fun celebration of mathematics, this competition is a fun opportunity for students in Australia and New Zealand to engage, revise, and learn maths content on the Education Perfect platform.

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When is the event?

The 2023 ANZ Maths Championships is a three-day event, taking place 23 - 25 May

The event will begin at 12pm NZT on Tuesday 23 May, and end at 12pm NZT on Thursday 25 May. 

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How do we sign up?

Interested teachers should register here.

By registering, you will ensure you receive all competition news and updates, as well as final results information after the event has concluded. 

Any student with an existing EP account will be able to access the competition automatically once it begins.

If you wish to enrol any additional students for the event, this can be done at no additional charge. Click here to learn about enrolment options.

The Category your school is entered in (e.g. 1-50 students, 51-100 students) for Official EP Events is determined by how many students are enrolled to compete in the competition.

If your category is inaccurate, you should remove the students who are not competing.

How do students compete?

Students of all levels are invited to answer Mathematics questions on EP to earn points and a place on the scoreboard. Every correct answer will earn a point. 

Students will need to log into their EP account from any device to access and complete competition content. See our participation guide here.

Competition content & rules

At Education Perfect, we take competition integrity very seriously. For this event, only Maths content created and shared by EP is eligible for points.

You can find a full breakdown of our event rules in our article here. We encourage all students and teachers to read these rules before competing in any event. 

Prizes and certificates

Student certificates will be available for download from the event scoreboard once the event has concluded and results have been finalised. 

Note that certificates outlining overall school achievements are no longer available. Teachers can find school results and data on the competition tile in the Competitions tab.

Top schools will be awarded digital badges for display on their school or department website. 

In addition, top-scoring students are eligible for the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: $250 GiftPay Voucher
  • 2nd Place: $150 GiftPay Voucher
  • 3rd Place: $100 GiftPay Voucher
  • 4th - 10th Place: $50 GiftPay Voucher

Prizes will be distributed to teachers via email following the event.

Learn more about viewing competition results and managing participants (including the Category your school is entered in) in our article here.

Promotional Resources

For any questions about this event, please contact our team.

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