KAMAR Wonde integration rollover for 2023

If your school uses KAMAR and has connected to Education Perfect using the Wonde integration, there are two steps to take to ensure that enrolment for 2023 happens smoothly.

Step one

All classes you wish to sync to EP must have their Markbook/Subject set up in KAMAR. This is to ensure we receive sufficient data to identify the subject for that class and include them in the automated sync.

To do this, start by logging into KAMAR. Click the Markbook tab, then Select Markbook.

Navigating to the markbook in KAMAR

Click the Department your class is part of, and select the teacher of that class. Next, click the Year level of the class.

KAMAR will then indicate whether the subject has been "set up" already. If not, please click the Setup button to action this. 

That's it, all done for Step One!

Selecting class details, and clicking the Setup button in KAMAR

Step two

Please ensure your school’s KAMAR Directory Services for Wonde match the below settings.

KAMAR settings example

That's it! Your integration should be ready to roll over for the 2023 academic year.

Further background of mapping from KAMAR to EP
KAMAR field Education Perfect field
coreoption + subject Class SMS ID
coreoption + subject Class name
subject Appended to the end of the name
subject Used to link a Subject to a Class
id Stored in EP subject mapping DB

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