Introducing EP’s refreshed Task and Assessment experience

We’re excited to have rolled out our refreshed Task and Assessment experience on the Education Perfect platform! 

These are two fundamental features of the EP platform, and they've now been modernised and simplified making assigning and managing work easier than ever. Check out the changes in your account now.

While things look different, all the same features you know and love are still available. Nothing has been removed, and you can still do everything you could before.

The new look

We've updated the overall Tasks and Assessments pages! Tiles that show assigned work have been refreshed, but still contain all the same information as before.

The due date has been moved to the top of the tile, and we've made it clearer to see what content has been assigned.

Clicking on the completion or Responses areas of the tile will take you straight to that area of the assigned work.

When you click into an assigned Task or Assessment, you’ll immediately see that we've updated the overall look. We’ve removed the side bar on the left hand side, and those tabs are now centralised at the top of the page.

  • In Tasks, Live Feed is now called Monitor. This is the same as Assessments.
  • In Assessments, Analysis is now called Reporting. This is the same as Tasks.

Each tab has been streamlined, making it easier to see the information you need, when you need it!

task new look exampleAssessments new look example

Assign flow updates

When assigning a Task or Assessment, you’ll be prompted to select your specific settings. We’ve made this a little simpler, making it quick and easy to get work assigned to your students.

Some things have moved around, but all the same options are still available to you.

To see a full breakdown of how to assign Tasks and Assessments, see our articles:

assign a task flow example


The reporting tab for both Tasks and Assessments has had a refresh. You can still access the same information as you could before, but data is sleeker and results are clearer.

Check out how to view Task reporting here, and Assessment results here.

We’re always making improvements to the EP platform! If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please reach out to our team.

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