Supporting students learning their times tables on EP

Education Perfect has content available to support your students in mastering their times tables. In this article, we'll cover two options.

Option one: Assigning specific lists

Using this method, you can assign specific work to students and outline requirements. This option also gives you significant reporting capability

  1. Navigate to the Maths subject area of the EP Content Library, and click into the Mathematical Skills folder.

    Where to find time tables folder in content library

  2. Click into 2. Multiplication and division, and then the 1. Time Tables folder.

    Where to find time tables folder in content library

  3. Here you'll see lists for each set of times tables (1 - 12). You'll also find:
    1. Folders containing different list options, including those with images for younger or more visual learners. 
    2. Combined lists near the bottom of the folder.
  4. Click on any list, and click Assign. Choose the Task option for students to learn, practice or master, or use the Quiz or Assessment option to test students.

    Assign dialogue - task or assessment

Option two: Independent work

In this method, students will navigate to the relevant content independently within their accounts. This can be helpful for students who wish to revise in their own time.

  1. Once logged in, students need to click on the Maths subject. Next, they'll need to click Browse all Content and navigate to the times tables folders.
    1. We suggest copying the times tables folders to your My School’s Content area, and naming the folder something easy to find, like "Times Tables Practice!". You can also pin the folder for easier access.

    Clicking into mathsBrowse all content buttonLessons within content library for students

  2. From here, students can choose any set of times tables and begin working.
    1. Students can choose between Learning or Quiz mode to choose whether they'll receive hints, and they can also choose how many questions they'll answer before a break.

    Example of starting a list

  1. A section will turn green once they have learnt it, and students will earn stars (points) for their work
  2. List that has been learnt

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