Join our Monthly Homeschool Competitions!

We are excited to be kicking off our Monthly Homeschool Competitions! This article outlines key information on how to get involved.

When is the event?

These competitions take place for the duration of each month, with the first competition happening from 1st July - 31st July 2022.

The dates will be slightly different every month, but you can always see what's coming up! Check out the How sections to see how to locate competition details.

Who can take part?

These events are free to take part in for any users with an active EP for Home subscription or trial

All eligible users will be automatically enrolled to compete each month. Check out our group leaderboard here.

Are there any prizes?

Yes! We have several prizes available. Here's what's up for grabs every month:

  • The top 3 learners will win a $25 GiftPay voucher.
  • Learners who earn over 500 points will go into the draw to win one of three spot prizes.
  • All learners who earn more than 250 points will be awarded certificates. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a bonus special prize at the end of each competition!

How do learners compete?

Learners will log into their EP accounts and earn points by completing content in any subject. Points earned during day to day work will also count towards their score.

Once logged in, learners can click on the Competitions tab to see tiles for any upcoming competitions. Learners can click into a tile for more information, including progress and a link to the main scoreboard.

How can parents support competitors?

View competition details

Once logged in, click on the Competitions tab. You'll see tiles for any upcoming competitions, including basic information and the relevant dates. Click into the tile to see more information.

From here, you can click to view the full competition scoreboard to see the overall standings.

Download certificates

Learners who earn more than 250 points will be awarded a certificate, which can be downloaded by their parent. 

To do this, parents need to navigate to the competition tile, click into the Results tab, and then click the link to download.

Competition rules

At EP, we take competition integrity very seriously. We recommend that all competitors check out our full competition rules.

Any learners found to be earning points unfairly will be disqualified.

For any questions, please feel welcome to contact our team!

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