Getting the most out of your EP for Home subscription

We want to make sure you're able to use everything EP has to offer! This article outlines some of the key benefits of homeschooling with EP, as well as where to get further support.

The benefits of homeschooling with EP

EP is adjustable for every style of homeschooling. It’s built to enhance your ability as a home educator and offer your child both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt to individual strengths and development areas so every learner feels supported.

With EP for Home you can: 

  • Follow our learning plans to ensure curriculum success.
  • Unschool your learner with an interest led approach.
  • Compete in our monthly competitions to earn certificates, prizes and more.
  • Join over 3,000 other homeschoolers using EP.
  • Access over 35,000 curriculum aligned lessons, and 500,000 automatically marked questions. 
  • Nurture different abilities for different learners.

EP is built to make home education easier. Our content is aligned to various curricula ensuring every question answered is putting your child another step in the right direction. 

Check out the video below for a demo of one of our EP lessons:

Contact our Support Team 

The EP Support Team work around the clock to support all of our users. Whether you have a question about your subscription or need help with doing something on the platform, the team will sort you out - just reach out.

Helpful topics

Not sure where to start, or where to go next? Check out the guides below:

If you need to subscribe or update your subscription, you can do so here.

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