Using Quizzes to gauge your learner's level

A Quiz (formerly Quick Test) is a quick assessment based on existing learning material (e.g. Vocabulary Lists or Smart Lessons). 

Quizzes contain a random selection of questions from the content you select, and can be handy to assess learners if there's no Diagnostic Test available.

Click on Assessments from your dashboard, and click + Assign.

assign button in the assessments tab

When prompted, choose Quiz.

Quiz option

1. Select classes and students

Choose the specific classes or learners you wish to assign the assessment to.

  • Assessments can be assigned to several classes at the same time by ticking multiple classes.
  • Assessments can be assigned to specific learners instead of an entire class; select their class, then click + Assign to specific students.

Select classes and students section

2. Set dates

Choose a start and end time and date. 

Here you can also set the time limit for the assessment by entering the number of minutes allowed. When the time limit is reached, it will automatically save and close.

Set dates section

The end date of an assessment is the cut off date for when a learner can begin the assessment. When the end date passes, any learners who are still in the assessment and have time remaining will be able to continue working.

3. Select content

Under Select content, browse to the content you wish to assign. Click the Confirm Selection button.

Content selection screen

Choose specific sections or questions (optional)

If your quiz is based on Smart Lessons, you can exclude specific questions or whole sections from the assessment by clicking Preview and ticking questions to include or exclude them.

Selecting specific sections with a lesson

Next, choose how many questions to ask from the pool you've selected. Here you can also set the time limit for the assessment by entering the number of minutes allowed. When the time limit is reached, it will automatically save and close.

EP will give your assessment a name, but you can override this here, and give instructions.

Question bank section Time limit section

4. Recommended next steps

Recommended Tasks are only available if more than one lesson has been selected in Select content.

Once the assessment is complete, EP automatically recommends (and assigns) individualised follow up activities based on performance within the quiz.

By default, EP will automatically recommend and assign follow up tasks once your learner has completed the Quiz. You can make changes in this section if needed.

Toggle Automatically assign recommendations as a task if you wish to stop these from being assigned automatically.

Recommend next steps section

5. Options

In this section, you can set conditions to customise your assessment.

  • Decide how many attempts learners will get. This will default to 1, but if you allow multiple, the best attempt will determine a learner's final score.
  • Choose whether to require learners to use an
    • Use this tool to prevent learners from sitting the assessment until you're ready.
  • Full Screen mode is enabled by default and ensures you are notified when a learner switches to another tab or leaves the assessment. 

Options section

Additional Tools

Depending on the type of Content you select in What? you will be presented with additional options.

  • Text to speech is switched on by default.
  • Calculator allows learners to access a basic calculator on screen when completing the assessment. 
  • Spell check allows extensions like Grammarly to operate as normal as the learner completes the exam.

Additional tools section


  • Withhold student results until I choose to release them allows you to stop learners from seeing their scores until you choose to release them

Result section

Click Assign, and you're all done! Your learner can now complete the Quiz in their Student Zone

Email notifications section

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