Sustainable Oceans Competition 2023

At EP, we are always looking for ways to engage our students with global issues, encourage a greater awareness of sustainability, and empower students to take positive action.

We're excited to be hosting a free competition for World Ocean Day for Australian and New Zealand schools!

When is the event?

This event runs from June 6 until June 8, to celebrate World Ocean Day (8 June)

Students are able to compete from 8am AEST / NZST on the first day, until 11:45pm AEST / NZST on the final day.

Download the event poster here

Who can take part?

This free event is open to students of all year levels in Australia and New Zealand.

Please note that competition content is best suited to Year 7-10 students - more details on the included content can be found below.

EP for Home subscribers are welcome to take part in the student competition (not the class competition).

How do I sign up?

To take part in the student competition, existing students with Education Perfect will be automatically enrolled to compete. They just need to complete questions on EP during the event timeframe in order to earn points!

To enter the class competition, please register here. We'll be in touch via email with the next steps.

Please note this registration form is for teachers only - students wishing to take part in the class competition will need to register via their teacher or educator.

How do I enrol students?

Once registered, your classes on EP will be added to the competition automatically.

If you'd like to enrol any additional students, you'll need to add them via one of the methods listed here. You are welcome to add additional students free of charge.

There are two events in this competition. All students will automatically have access to the Student Competition, however, teachers will need to register their classes for the Class Competition.

How do students compete?

There are two events in this competition: a student event, and a class event. Points earned in each event will count towards both.

To participate, students will need to log into Education Perfect (on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer) and answer questions based on our Sustainable Oceans content to earn points.

A full guide on how students can log in, access the event, and check their progress can be found here.


Click the options below to see the topics covered for each region:

  • Amazing Marine Ecosystems in Australia
  • Climate Change and the Ocean
  • The Great Barrier Reef and Corals
  • The Great Barrier Reef Needs Your Help
  • Mangroves
  • Coral Propagation
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Ocean Plastic
  • Overfishing

  • Marine Habitats Around New Zealand
  • Sustainable Oceans
  • Climate Change and the Ocean
  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Rising Ocean Temperatures
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Melting Polar Ice
  • Ocean Plastic
  • Deep Sea Drilling and Mining
  • Kelp Farming
  • Overfishing
  • Aquaculture
  • Marine Protected Areas in New Zealand

How much time will students need to dedicate to the competition?

The competitions are set up to accommodate the schedules of each school, allowing students and schools to take part in a flexible manner.

The competition will be available between 8am Tuesday 6 June and 11:45pm Thursday 8 June. Students can compete at any time over the three days, but can only compete for a maximum of 8 hours per 24-hour period.

Any content completed during this time will count towards the total points of the student that day.

The competition can be done during class, in groups, or independently.

We recommend each student has their own EP account to compete. These accounts are completely free to create for the purpose of the competition.

Are there any prizes?

Yes! Certificates will be available for students who take part and are downloadable after the event is finished. Find out more about certificates here.

To ensure your certificates are available, please refrain from archiving any classes that were set up for the event.

We also have prizes up for grabs! Prizes will be drawn as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Class prizes include (prizes $400 in value) x7:

  • Adopt a Manta Ray Pack ($50 value)
  • Pizza party to the value of $250 for your class
  • Teacher resources: $100 Giftpay Voucher

Individual prizes include ($150 in value) x20:

  • $100 voucher for Dominoes Pizza
  • Adopt a Manta Ray Pack ($50 value)

Note: EP for Home subscribers are not eligible for the class prize pack.

Terms & Conditions

Each competition is subject to Terms & Conditions. Click the links below to view:

For any questions regarding this event, please get in touch.

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