Getting Started with EP for Home for learners

This article outlines the basics of learners using EP through EP for Home. We'll explore the Student Zone, and the different sections of the learner dashboard.

Your Student Zone

When you first log in to Education Perfect, you'll arrive at your Student Zone and you'll be asked to pin your favourite subjects. Don't worry, you can always come back to change it! 

You'll then be taken to the Student Zone dashboard. This is the main part of your account, where you can access all of your subjects, assigned work, and history.

To change which subjects you just pinned, click Add or remove subjects.

Student Zone home page

Click on one of your subjects to see any Tasks or Assessments you have been assigned for that subject, as well as any recommended lessons. 

If you would like to browse through all available content for that subject, click Browse all content.

The English & Literature subject page in the Student Zone

You will not be able to access any folders or lessons that have a lock attached to them. This content has been hidden by your parent or tutor. If you would like to access this content, please get in touch with them.

From the main Dashboard, scroll down and view the scoreboard. Filter the scoreboard by class, school, country, and global. You are also able to switch between your yearly score and your monthly score.

Scoreboard as it appears in the Student Zone

Tasks & Assessments

Click the Tasks & Assessments tab to see all work that is currently assigned to you. If you would like to find a specific Task or Assessment, you can use the drop-down menu or search box to narrow your view.

Click on any Task or Assessment tile to view the details of that work, including due date and progress made. 

Tasks & Assessments tab of the Student Zone, with the subjects filter highlighted by an arrow

Your Usage Report

You can use the Usage Report feature to look at the work you've done in the past.

The dropdown menu open below the student's name with the Usage Report option highlighted by an arrow

Here you can view a detailed breakdown of your login activity, and details on the lessons you've worked on. 

You can filter the details of what you are looking at by using the subject and timeframe filters at the top of the page.

Your parent or tutor can view this same information through their analytics.

student usage report examplestudent usage report example part two

Other parts of the Student Zone

  • Competitions: In this tab, you'll see any current or upcoming competitions that are being run on EP.
  • Learning Record: Similar to the Usage Report, this tab shows a record of absolutely everything you've worked on in the past. Click on any tile to view details, and even revisit lessons you've completed before.
  • Account Info: Click your name, then Account to access your account settings. Here you can change your password, and view some additional account information.
  • Points: Next to your name, you'll see the points you've earned on EP. You can earn points by working through lessons and answering questions.
  • Notifications: Click the notification bell to check for any work that's been assigned to you!

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