Using Microsoft Teams with Education Perfect

If your school uses  Microsoft Teams to communicate, here are some tips on how Teams can be used with EP!

Sharing content with teachers

You can obtain a link to any piece of Content in the EP Content Library which can then be shared with other teachers on Microsoft Teams. Any teacher with access to EP will be able to access the link(s).

Use this feature to quickly and easily show teachers specific content. This may be custom content that you've created, or perhaps a lesson that you think may be helpful for another teacher. See full instructions on obtaining sharing links in our guide here.

Task & Assessment links for students

If you've assigned work to students, you can obtain a direct link to a specific Task or Assessment. Share this link in Teams, and students can log in and directly access the assigned work. 

You can copy this link from the Get Started tab of any active Task or Assessment.

See full instructions on obtaining direct links in our guide here.

Setting up lesson outlines for students

Using Microsoft Teams, you could display a lesson outline, and embed links to each lesson into the outline. This'll create a space where students can easily access their work, directly from their Microsoft Teams account. 

Once they click the link, they'll be taken directly to the relevant Task or Assessment (or any lesson in the Content Library of your choosing) in EP.

EP meetings with Teams

Meeting with someone from EP on Microsoft Teams? To ensure the meeting goes as smoothly as possible, please allow the EP team member to present. Here's how:

Option 1: When scheduling the meeting, go into Meeting Details and adjust the presenter settings. Remember to click Save!

Presentation settings in Microsoft Teams

Option 2: Once you're in the meeting, change a participant's individual setting to make a presenter. This'll allow that participant to share their screen!

'Make Presenter' setting in Teams meeting

For more information on scheduling meetings on Microsoft Teams, see their help guides here.

Education Perfect currently doesn't have full integration with Microsoft Teams available, but stay tuned for future updates!

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