I don't attend a school - can I sign up for Education Perfect?

Education Perfect is not limited to schools. We have options for both Homeschoolers and Personal Learners.

Personal Learners

Anyone can sign up to be a Personal Learner. It's helpful for those who are interested in learning a new topic outside of school, and also for students that attend a school that don't use Education Perfect to supplement what they learnt in class.

You can purchase a Personal Learner account for $40 per subject, per month, or all subjects for $100 per month. To start your Personal Learners subscription, fill out your details on our website here.


If you're educating your students at home, we feel that it's important that they receive the same opportunities as students enrolled at a school. As such, homeschooling students can subscribe at the rate of $40 per student, per subject, or $100 per student for access to all subjects.

If you would like to trial Education Perfect for free for a month with your homeschooling class, feel free to email our Support Team at support@educationperfect.com. It would be helpful for you to include the following information:

  1. Your full name.
  2. The country you're located in.
  3. How many children you are homeschooling and their full names.
  4. The subjects that you are interested in trialling.

Once we receive that information we can create a free account for you to take a look around our program.

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