Getting Started with Education Perfect English (Australia)

Whether you're new to Education Perfect English for Australia or have been a part of the journey since the beginning, these videos are a great way to quickly catch up with what's new in the program and learn how to get started.

EP English content consists of a rich library of interactive, motivating and engaging lessons. Content is designed to facilitate independent learning and develop powerful readers and writers.

Content is aligned to, and informed by, the Australian Curriculum and blended with our own research and development in order to support teachers in delivering world-class English education. 

Check out the videos below to stay up to date with our content development, explore our variety of content, and give you ideas on the different ways our platform and content can be implemented in the classroom.

An introduction to EP English

Navigating the EP English Content Library

How to navigate the English content library

In this video, we take a brief tour of the Content Library layout.

Folder structure and levelling

Showing how the EP English content is organised and levelled

In this video, we look at how Education Perfect English is organised into folders and how the content is levelled.

How our English content is designed and built

Showing how the EP English lessons are created

In this video, we provide a brief glimpse into our research and development process for Education Perfect English lessons.

Core content overviews, rationale and suggested workflows

Spelling and vocabulary

Showing available resources for Spelling and Vocabulary and suggestions

In this video, we go through the diverse Spelling and Vocabulary resources available and talk about some suggested workflows for effective implementation.


Showing core English Reading resources

There is a rich variety of reading resources available with Education Perfect English. In this video we explore some of the core reading resources which will help you foster independent reading and students in raising their reading literacy levels. 


Showing how to explore various resources for teaching writing

The first in a series of short videos exploring the various resources which support and facilitate writing tuition on Education Perfect English. In this video we get an introduction to the core resources for teaching writing using the platform and learn about some suggested workflows around these comprehensive tools. 

Using EP features with English

Peer Review

Showing how to set a peer review task, how students experience it, and how teachers check answers

In this tutorial you will learn how to set a peer review task, how students experience this and how to check peer reviewed work. 

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