Nurturing different abilities using EP for Home

EP has a range of different features that can help you support your learner(s) no matter their skill level. Let’s explore!

Scheduling work

EP allows you to schedule work on your own time. There are no set requirements on how much work you should complete, so you are free to set your own schedule! 

Content on EP is organised by year level. If learners are struggling with work, it may be helpful to revise material from other levels.

Learn how to plan out assigned work in our guide here.

Platform features

Recommended Tasks

Use recommended tasks to automatically assign follow-up work to your learner after they complete an Assessment!

Work can be assigned automatically without any input needed from yourself and will be assigned based on your learner's performance. This is great for targetting weakness areas, and easily setting up revision.

Learn how to use Recommended Tasks in our article here.

Recommend next steps section


Our inbuilt text-to-speech feature reads text out loud, which can be helpful for those who struggle with reading or have a visual impairment. 

To enable this, students select the speech icon to the right of the slide that they're viewing and control the audio player from there.

Learn more about this feature in our full article.

text to speech button in tasks

Countdown Timers

Some question types on EP have Countdown Timers, which encourage learners to move through lessons swiftly. 

Learners and parents have the ability to turn these off, which can help to ease pressure when completing lessons.

As a student, navigate to Account from the drop-down menu and tick Turn off question timers. This turns off any timers when completing work through the Content Library.

student zone settings

As a parent, you can turn off question timers when setting up Tasks. Scroll down to Options, and toggle the Question timer off. This turns off any timers when completing work through the assigned Task.

Question timer toggle

For more information on how EP supports accessibility see our full article.

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