Homeschooling Registration Support

EP for Home is a resource used by Homeschooling families for day to day learning in key subject areas. Using our platform can help to support you in achieving homeschooling outcomes.

How can EP help?

EP has features available to assist with Homeschooling requirements. We first recommend reaching out to your local Homeschooling authority for specific information on what is required.

Our EP content is aligned to a number of different curricula, including Australian States, New Zealand, IB and Cambridge. For each curriculum, we have a separate Content Library that arranges our folders and lessons differently to align with the curriculum selected.

Adding EP to your MOE Exemption or Learning Plan?

If you intend to use EP in your registration process, we recommend you download our Lesson Outlines. These are available in our article here.

screenshot of outline PDF

These documents will outline the lessons and topics your learner will cover on EP broken down by subject and year level. 

They can provide a sequence helping you plan out your child's learning throughout the year. 

Proving Work Samples? 

EP enables you to download (and print out) samples of work that your learners have completed. You will first need to assign work to your learner(s) as a Task or an Assessment.

Once work is complete, export answers and results for your records, or pass it along to whoever needs to see it:

Learn how to plan your assigned work in our guide!

Tracking overall progress and learning

See a high level overview of what your learner(s) have been working on using the Insights tab of your parent account.

Teacher Zone Insights Tab

You’ll see time spent; subject breakdowns; and recent activity. You can filter this information by timeframe and subject, and this data can be exported. Find detailed instructions in our guide.

Want to see what things look like from a learner account? You can test out the Student Zone yourself to see what it looks like! Alternatively, check out the images in our Getting Started for Students guide.

To help plan your week and keep track of work, download our weekly planner!

screenshot of downloadable weekly planner

Supplementing Learning

There are a number of options to help supplement learning with EP for Home. We recommend:


Are students taught on EP as regularly and as well as they would be in school?
  • Instead of a school, EP is a tool that helps parents step into the role of the teacher. Consider us a teaching toolkit. We give you: 
    • Access to 35,000 curriculum aligned, automatically marked lessons.
    • Assessments and quizzes: curriculum aligned tests to track learning 
    • Powerful tracking, reviewing, and planning tools. 
How will you use EP to teach your students as regularly and as well as they would be in school?

Families should communicate that they will use EP to:

  • Monitor their learner's progress through each lesson. Use EP’s lesson reports and real time marking to work through mistakes.
  • Use our Assessments to test learner knowledge. Using EP’s placement tests, you can identify knowledge gaps and keep a record of progression.
  • Review work using the Insights section to keep a holistic view of all their work on EP to ensure they’re on track. 
  • Set scope and sequence using our Lesson Plans
Does EP help with Scope and Sequence? 

EP provides Lesson Outlines for all core subjects. These include the estimated time to complete each topic or subject. 

Use these to communicate how you intend to plan your year (E.g. "We’ll go through the topics Number and Place Value weeks 1-4".). 

Download our outlines here.

Is there a written explanation somewhere of what a typical lesson entails?
  • A typical lesson contains:
    • Information and tutorials covering explaining the concepts of each lesson.
    • Multiple choice and quiz-style questions.
    • Written responses or extended questions.
    • Gifs and relevant media.
    • Videos (not every lesson) 
Are there any sample lessons available outside of the free trial?

Yes! Check out our video:

We recommend you also invest in workbooks and other resources to help supplement our online learning.

If you need to subscribe or update your subscription, you can do so here.

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