Why haven’t my students received homework notifications?


We send automatic task and assessment notifications to students by email at the time that the task/assessment opens. If your students haven't received an email notification about a task, there are four main possibilities: 

  • Email notifications weren't turned on for this task
  • The task hasn't started yet
  • We don't have the email addresses for these students
  • The emails are being caught in students' spam filters.

To check whether a homework task had emails enabled, open the Get Started page and look at the Getting Started area. It will say whether emails were turned on for the task or not.

If emails are turned on and the start date has passed, then it's likely that students don't have their email addresses linked with their Education Perfect accounts. There are a few different ways to check whether a particular student has an email address affiliated with their account:

1. Use the red Manage Accounts tab on your Control Panel. From here, you can select the student's class, and then the student and see what the email address linked to their account is, if they have one. You can change this information, if necessary, from here.

2. If you have set a task for some students, you can hover over that task and select the Get Started button. At the bottom of this screen you  can see what students' email addresses are, and you can alter them if need be (see screenshot above). 

Adding an email address to a student's account after the task has begun will not send them any emails from before this time, however they will receive all future reminders.

If you would like all of your students to receive Education Perfect related emails (such as homework notifications), please send these through, along with their full names, to support@educationperfect.com. We can then link their accounts with their email addresses.

If your students have the correct email addresses linked with their accounts and they're still not receiving homework notifications or reminders, please ask them to check their spam folders.