Why can’t my students and/or classes login?

An individual student

If a student has forgotten their username and/or password, you have three options:

  1. The student can request a password reset by clicking Forgotten your password? on the login page. Where possible, this will happen automatically and they will receive an email within a couple of minutes with a new password. If we can't automatically reset their password, we will do this manually which can take a bit longer. 
  2. You can reset the student's password yourself via the 'Reset student passwords' option in the 'Other areas' box on the left hand side of your Control Panel. For more information, see How do I reset my students' passwords?
  3. You can contact us on support@educationperfect.com and request a manual password reset for the student. We will reset their password and provide you with their log in details.

Common username issues:
Username templates are not case-sensitive. For example, if your username is EPExampleStudent, epexamplestudent will work as well.
Usernames do not contain hyphens, apostrophes or spaces. This means if your name is Leigh-Ann O'Connor, your username will be EPLeighAnnOConnor.

Every school has a different prefix - in the above examples, EP will be replaced by a code based on your school's name. 

If a student sees a "Licence expired" error when trying to log in, one of several things has probably happened:

They have more than one account, for example one with their given name and one with their preferred name (Joseph vs Joe).
Try a different username based on the student's preferred/given names.
They have not been enrolled in a class for this year.
Add the student to your class in Manage Users, or contact support@educationperfect.com.
They had an account with us last year, but are no longer in a class that uses Education Perfect.
If the student would like to keep learning on EP but isn't in a class that uses it, contact us - we can add them to a class of their own and invoice the school for their access.
They are registered for a competition and their competition licence hasn't activated yet
Wait for the competition licence to activate (normally 1-2 weeks before the competition starts) or contact support@educationperfect.com to request earlier access.
They have not paid for their subscription on the booklist.
Direct them to their school-specific payment page, or contact support@educationperfect.com.

For more assistance, send an email to us at support@educationperfect.com with the student's full name and the class they should belong to. We will be able to look into it and add them to the correct class, which will allow them to have access.

The whole class

If your whole class cannot access Education Perfect, send an email through to us and we will be able to investigate this. This could be for a number of reasons, including:

The students have not been enrolled yetIf this class is new to using Education Perfect, your class may not have been enrolled yet. Submit your class lists to us and we will enrol them for you.
The licence for the class has expiredIf this class was enrolled on a free trial which has expired, send an email to us at support@educationperfect.com and we can put you in touch with your school's EP contact to discuss next steps.