What types of questions are in Education Perfect?

There are many different types of question available on Education Perfect, designed to provide a wide range of learning procedures. Some are automatically marked by the system, others are marked manually.

Automatically Marked Questions

Multiple Choice questions (often labelled as MCQ) provide a set of answers of which one or more are correct. These are sometimes set up in conjunction with an image, video or audio file as a supplement to the question. 

Drop Down questions are answered by completing sentences and/or paragraphs with the correct words or phrases to demonstrate knowledge of the topic at hand. 

Drag and Drop questions are similar to Drop Down questions, in that a sentence or paragraph is completed by words and phrases; the vocabulary that fills in the blanks is listed in full above the sentences. Drag the words into the slots to complete the question.  

Text Box questions are answered by manually typing an answer into the provided text box.  The system automatically detects whether it is correct by comparing it with the Correct Options settings that will be built into the questions.

The input of the students will need to directly match one of these options to be marked correct. 

Maths Input questions make use of the Working Formula. Students enter lines of working, and demonstrate the calculations they used to come up with their answers. The Formula compares their working with the exemplar steps on file, and marks them as the solution progresses. 

As the student answers the question, the formula automatically detects working of each step taken, and compares them with the working steps preset in the question to grade the response. Each step that is taken is marked upon completion. 

Upon writing the correct answer on its own line, the formula box turns green, indicating the final solution. 

Manually Marked Questions

Extended Response or Long Answer questions consist of a written response to a set query, which (when set as a task) is marked by the student.  As a teacher, you can give feedback on their answers and rate their responses. You also mark the answer as a whole when set for an assessment.

Upon completing the question, student are shown their response compared with a model answer. Keywords that should have been included are also highlighted, which should give them an idea of how well they answered the question. They can then make a decision on how fully they believe they answered the question.

Sketchpad questions provide a space that students can  draft a visual response, as a response, similar in action to that of an Extended Response.  As with the written responses, students mark their own work, and are provided with a Model Answer to base their grading on. 

Sound Recording questions require an audio response to a set question or prompt. Similar to the other manually marked question varieties, the response is listened to and evaluated by the student.

There are templates for all of these types of questions set up on the system for personal content creation. During the Smart Lesson creation process, you can use these to set up your own questions in these formats. In the custom creator, you also have the option to combine various elements to invent your own formats!