How can I pin a module and what does pinning it do?

You can pin a specific module in your Content Browser. This can be beneficial for bringing modules that are used frequently to the forefront in the Student Zone and the Control Panel.


Navigate through the Content Library to a module that you would like to pin.

Make sure that you are in Edit Mode of the Content Library by clicking the Edit button at the top right. 

In the right hand panel that appears, click on the pin.

Note: You can only pin modules themselves, not the folders inside a module.

Pinning a module pins it for all users in your school.

Once you have clicked the pin icon, the module will move towards the top of the content list and the pin button will no longer have a line through it. Pinned folders are also identifiable by a small pin icon on the module folder:

To unpin a module, just click the pin icon again.