How do I view my assessment results?

Once your teacher has made assessment results available, you can see your marks through the Control Panel. 

From your Student Zone, select Assessment Results in the left sidebar. 

This section will display the results for assessments that have been marked within the last month by default. You can view results for assessments that were released further in the past by opening the drop-down menu and selecting the appropriate time-frame.
To access more in-depth information regarding your results select View Marks.

This will give you a breakdown of the areas that you excelled in, additional content that may be beneficial for your learning, and a list of your attempts at the assessment.


To see the answers you made in the assessment, scroll down to Attempts, and select View Answers for the attempt you would like to view. 

Here, you can review your answers, as well as see comments and amendments to the marking made by your teacher, and the marking schedule against which your assessment was marked.

Recommended Activities

To try out your recommended activities, navigate to the Next Steps section, and select the  task you would be interested in. Next to each task, you will see the reasoning for the recommendation. Alternatively, simply scroll down to Analysis and Recommendations, which provides a visual guide to the information expressed in the previous section. Select the lesson you would like to try.