How do I view my students' assessment results?

You view the results of your assessments through the Control Panel. You also have access to useful tools for interpretation and analysis, as well as the option to assign remedial tasks. 

From your Control Panel, select the green Assessments tab. 

Navigate to the assessment that you would like to view the results for, hover over it and select Analysis

This will take you to the Analysis window,  which displays the results as well as insights into your students' work. 

Scroll down to Assessment Summary to see a brief outline of the class scores, broken down into percentage categories. Above the graph, the number of students that completed the assignment and an average mark are displayed.

Further down the page in the Student Results section, are the numerical and the percentage scores for each student. You can select an individual student's name to see analysis of their results.

To see a more in depth breakdown of your students' work, check Show Extended Results. This displays how your students have achieved in the various sections of the the assessment material. This gives you a better idea of what skills your students might need to focus on.

Further down the page is the Analysis and Recommendation section. Here, questions have been listed under the different skills or learning areas that they relate to. Your students' average score is listed next to each of these.

By selecting View Details next a particular learning area, you can see an overview of each question that relates to that learning area, as well as how your students performed in that area.  

You're also able to assign remedial work from an assessment. There's an option to assign all recommended tasks from the assessment at the top of the page, or to assign recommended tasks from the View Details section for each question.

At the bottom of the Analysis window, you will find the Per Question Breakdown, which lists all possible questions in the assessment, how many students received each of them within their assessment, and the rate of success that your students had with each. Select the name of the question to view the answers your students gave.

Re-opening the assessment

Students that have not completed the assessment in the assigned time period can have the assessment reassigned to them. Select Re-assign to incomplete students, and set the date that you'd like the assessment to finish on.

Downloading Results

As a supplement to the displayed results, you have the option to download the assessment data for convenient distribution. Navigate to the Student Results tab and select Export to download a spreadsheet of the displayed information. 

Similarly, to get a spreadsheet containing data on your students' work in each of the questions, scroll down to the Per Question Breakdown tab and select Export.  

To get a copy of all of your students' answers, navigate back to the Student Results section and select Export Answers.  These will be sent in PDF format to the email address that we have listed on the system for you.