How do I split up a vocabulary list?

Vocabulary lists can split up into more concise lists. This can be beneficial for setting quick vocab tasks or for shortening long lists.


In order to separate lists, you must be in the Old Content Manager, which can be found at 

Navigate your way through the Old Content Manager to the list you wish to split. Beside each word, there will a tick box (see below):

Tick the vocabulary you want to move to the new list. 

You can hold down the shift key to select all words in a range.

At the bottom of the page a blue bar will appear with the options Create new list and Remove from list. Once you have finished making your selection, click on the Create new list option.

Give your new list a title, then click the OK button.

Your new list will always appear inside the module it was created in at the very bottom of the list, rather than in the folder the original list came from. This can be rectified by dragging the new list into the correct folder.

Remove the vocabulary from the original list by reopening that list. The blue pop up will still be present at the bottom of the page. Click Remove from list and then OK when the confirmation appears.