How do I run pre- and post-tests on Education Perfect?

Preparing your students for upcoming tests or helping them to fill the gaps in their learning that are visible from past assessments is an important part of the learning process. You can use our diagnostic tests to measure student improvement throughout the year.

Assigning the Pre-Test

Start by clicking on Assessments from your dashboard.

Click on New Asssessment and select Pre-Built Assessment from the box that appears.

Proceed through setting up the assessment by selecting Who you want to assign it to, What content you're assigning, When it's going to be due and select your assessment conditions.

Assign the pre-test to your class and allow them to complete. The system will handle most marking and automatically assign Remediation Tasks that will target areas of student weakness that were identified in the pre-test.

Assigning the Post-Test

Later in the year, you'll need to reassign the same or similar content to your class. Once that assessment has been completed and marked,  you'll be able to compare the results to the previous assessment to see how your students have improved. For more information on comparing assessments, refer to our guide.