How do I see how many points my students have earned this year, or over a certain time period?

You can find out how many points your students have earned by going to Track Student Progress in the Control Panel.


For all student-usage updates other than points earned, please use the Student Usage & Data section of the Control Panel. For more information, see Student Usage & Data.

A pop-up box titled Which statistics would you like to view? will appear. 

  • To review only your own students' progress select My Classes. You can narrow down to a specific class by clicking on an individual class name. 
  • You also have the ability to view the students' results from your entire school by selecting ALL CLASSES at the top.
  • Press Continue

  • Select which modules you'd like to view progress for, or click ALL CONTENT on the left-hand side.
  • Press Continue

Select your desired time range. You can select one of the four tabs displayed along the top:

  • Year

  • Month

  • Date Range

  • Competition 

Your students' results will appear. Students' points are listed under the 'Score' column of the spreadsheet. You can export the results into a spreadsheet format, for future reference, by clicking 'Export Stats'