How do I reset my students' passwords?

You can instantly reset your students' passwords in the Control Panel.

By default, students' passwords are their first names (without spaces or punctuation), but they are prompted to change their password when they log in. To reset their passwords, select Reset student passwords under Other areas... on the left hand side of your Control Panel. 

Selecting this option will bring up your school's class lists and students under the Manage Accounts section of your Control Panel. 

Next, select the class your student is in. This will bring up a list of all students who are enrolled in that class. In this window, you will see a Reset password option beside all students who do not already have their password as their first name.

Selecting the Reset password option will bring up a warning window before finalising that it's okay to reset this student's password.

Your student's password will then have been reset back to their default password. This will now be visible from your end within your class list. 

You are also able to locate a student's account by searching their name in the search bar at the top of the window, and resetting their password this way.

If you have any difficulty with these steps, you are more than welcome to email us at with the student's name, and one of our Support staff will be more than happy to help get your student logged back in!