How do I mark my assessments?

Pre-built assessments are not automatically marked, and you will have to grade your students' work yourself. You can also manually override the automatic marking for Quick Tests if you deem it necessary.

From your Control Panel, select the green Assessment tab. 

Pre-built Assessments

Choose the assessment you wish to mark, hover over the assessment, and select Marking.

Either select Continue Marking  to mark your students in order, or mark individual students by selecting Mark Assessment  next to their name.

You will be taken to the marking screen, where you can modify automatic grading, and mark extended answer questions. Select the grade for each question using the options on the right hand side. 

Once all questions have been marked, you can select the final grade for the assessment by scrolling down to Final Grade at the bottom of the menu.

Once you have finished marking all of your students' responses, you can finalise the results and release them to your class through the Analysis tab.

Auto-mark override options

Choose the assessment you wish to mark.

Hovering over the assessment, select Analysis.

From here, scroll down to the Student Results section. Clicking on the name of a student will show you their final results and their attempts.

Scroll down to the bottom of this window and select View Answers.

From here, select Edit Marks, and you will be able to change your students' marks as you see fit by selecting the cross or tick options. You also have the option to add comments and view the marking schedule at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you are satisfied by your manual marking, select Save & Exit, and you will be returned to the Analysis tab. 

Set the results to Finalised.