How do I make an information slide?

Information Slides allow you to introduce new concepts to your students.

Select an existing Information section, or add a new Information section to your Smart Lesson, then select Info Slide as the template.

Introduce your new idea

Type into the boxes above and below the media section. 

You can also choose to just type into the top or bottom box - the two boxes allow you to insert text around an image, video or sound file. 

Add an image, video or sound clip

As you type, images which may be relevant will appear on the right of the screen. Click any one of these to add it to your question. 

Alternatively, click on either Image, Video, or Sound to search our full media galleries or upload your own piece of media. For more information on finding or uploading media, see How do I add media to my question? 

Save your slide

When you're happy with your changes, give the slide a name by clicking Slide Title, then click Save Slide. You can then click Info Slide under Create another to add more slides, or click Save lesson if you're finished making changes.