How do I make a multichoice question?

Multichoice Questions are a great way to quickly test students' understanding of topics. They are automatically marked with instant feedback.

Multichoice Questions can be used in Quiz sections of a Smart Lesson. Including them in other section types, such as Extended Response sections, may not work correctly. For more information, see Which question types can I use in each Smart Lesson section?

Select an existing Quiz section, or add a new Quiz section to your Smart Lesson, then select Multichoice as your question type.

Ask a question and provide possible answers

Type your question into the Question box, and possible answers into the Multichoice Options boxes. By default, the first box is the correct answer and the remaining options are incorrect. Click the tick/cross beside each answer to change a correct answer to incorrect, or vice versa. 

You can give up to six options to your students. At least one must be correct, but a question can also have multiple correct answers.

The only required parts of a question are the Question itself, and the Multichoice Options.

Add an image, video or sound clip

As you type your question and potential answers, images which may be relevant will appear under Supporting Media. Click any one of these to add it to your question. 

Alternatively, click on either Image, Video, or Sound to search our full media galleries or upload your own piece of media. For more information on finding or uploading media, see How do I add media to my question?

Configure Optional Settings

Provide an explanation for incorrect answers

If students incorrectly answer the question, they will be shown the correct answer automatically. You can correct common misconceptions and provide additional information by expanding the Optional Settings section and typing a brief explanation of why this answer is correct. 

Customise answer order

By default, answers will be shown to students in a random order each time. If you're making a series of true/false questions, and you always want true to be the first option and false to be the second option, expand Optional Settings and untick Show answers to students in random order

Set an explanation and change the order answers are displayed in under Optional Settings.

Education Perfect also has an Advanced Editor for experienced users of the system to customise questions further. We strongly recommend contacting us on before starting to use the Advanced Editor, as it is considerably less user-friendly and can cause problems in your questions. 

Pick a different question layout

Expand Layouts and click any of the different styles to change where your question text, multichoice answers and media will be displayed. See how the question looks in each layout by clicking Preview after selecting a different style. 

Save your question

When you're happy with your changes, give the question a name and click Save Question. You can then choose another question type under Create another to add more questions, or click Save lesson if you're finished making changes.