How do I edit the marks given to my students from an assessment?

Depending on how you set up an assessment, you will be able to change the marks that your students have achieved. This is useful for marking scheme changes, scheduled release dates, and general assessment adjustments.

To have this option, you will need to have set up your assessment correctly. In the creation window of a new assessment, scroll down to the Results tab and ensure that Withhold student results until I choose to release them is selected, as below:

Once you start marking the assessment, there will be a Marking tab listed in the assessment page. The students, the status of their work and their grade are listed here. You have the option to continue marking in order, as well as links to individual assessments and the option to show students their results.

You can toggle whether or not you would like your students to see the results for this assessment by selecting Change.

This will take you to a screen that gives you the option to set the results as Internal, Provisional, and Finalised. 

It is not advised to set the assessment results as Finalised until you are certain that you do not want to make any further changes, as this may cause unnecessary confusion. Results can be set as Provisional if you would like a non-committal early release of grades.

When set to Internal Results, students will not be able to see their results; this is ideal for the marking period, or if you want the results to be revealed at a certain point. When the results are Provisional, they will be visible to students, but labelled as provisional; this is good for giving students an idea of how well they have done before the final release of their marks. Finalised Results will be visible to your students, and are treated as decisive. 

Either select Continue Marking to keep mark your students' work in order, or select Mark Assessment next to individual student, to edit your student's marks.

Once all assessments have been marked, you can continue to edit the availability of the results through the Analysis tab.

Editing Marks

To change the marks you have given to your students' work, simply select Mark Assessment, and you will be returned to the marking panel.

The grades of individual questions can be modified by selecting the options in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can also add additional comments if you so wish by selecting Add Comment or pressing the 'C' key on your keyboard. 

You can change the student's overall grade by scrolling through the menu on the left hand side, and selecting Final Grade at the bottom. 

Select Save & Exit once you are satisfied with your marking for the student's answers. 

Once you are satisfied with your marking and want the marks released to your students, navigate to the Analysis window and set the results as Finalised