How do I edit an existing vocabulary list?

There may be times where you've found a vocabulary list that someone else has created, or one that you've created yourself, that you'd like to tweak. 


Click on the Content Library  from your Control Panel.

Switch from Browse to Edit mode, if necessary.

Change subjects, if necessary.

Navigate to, and select, the list that needs to be edited.

Select Make Editable to create an editable copy of the content - either by right clicking on the content and selecting Make Editable Copy or by choosing this option from the sidebar on the right-hand side.

The name of the list can be edited at the top of the page and the content can be edited by clicking into the list where you would like to make changes. Add items using the Add Question button, which will add a new, empty question to the bottom of the list. Alternatively, use the Import option to copy and paste data from a spreadsheet. Save your list when you've finished editing it.