How do I create my own vocabulary list?

As well as the thousands of vocabulary lists available in Language Perfect, you can make your own lists, based on what your students are doing in class.


Open the Content Library from your Control Panel.

Ensure your Content Library is in Edit mode. Change Subject if the appropriate subject isn't displayed.

Open the folder you would like to add the vocabulary list to, then click +Create a new... and choose Translation List.

Give your list a name by editing the title, then add words by typing the English word on the right or the foreign word on the left. Continue to add as many words as you would like by clicking Add Translation. You can also add multiple acceptable answers by clicking in the space next to any of the definitions if the word has more than one spelling/meaning. Click Save List.

Your students will now be able to see this list in Education Perfect, and you can assign it as a homework task or quick test.