How do I create a competition?

Competitions are useful tools for encouraging students to learn in a fun and engaging way.  You can run a competition in your class using the same platform as is used for the Education Perfect World Series.

Navigate to Competitions, under Other Areas... in your Control Panel.

Click Create Competition.

Type a competition name that describes your competition, and choose when you would like it to start and end.

Choose whether it will be an inter-school competition, or just for your school by selecting an option from the drop down menu. 

Inter-school competitions can be Public or Private. You might want to make a private competition between you and your brother/sister school, or a public competition which any school in the world can participate in. 

By default, all classes in the school will see the competition. To make a competition for specific classes (for example a competition for the French students only), click on Select Classes.

Your classes are listed in bold at the top of the list, but you can also include any other students in the school. Choose which classes you'd like to compete in the competition, and click Save.

Students can compete in any subject they are licensed for by default. Click on the Select Content button to restrict the content you would like to include in the competition. This can be specific subjects, modules or lists.

Inter-school competitions can only be restricted to a specific subject, because the other schools in the competition may not have access to the same modules or lists as you.

Keep in mind that the more content you choose for a competition, the less likely it is that the students are going to run out of content to work on during the competition.

Choose whether you would like the competition to build on existing progress, or start from scratch:

  •  Choose Yes, reset all learning progress and allow students to learn content from scratch if you would like learning progress to be reset (for only this competition). This is the default setting, and it is the same as what happens in competitions during the Education Perfect World Series.

Resetting learning progress is the right choice if you want your students to revise content that they may have already worked on. Any new points earned from content a student hasn't previously achieved will be added to their full year score.

  • Choose No, keep existing learning progress for students if you would like students to earn points towards the competition specifically on content they haven't previously completed.

Keeping learning progress is the right choice if you want your students to focus on learning new content.

Click Create Competition.