How do I cheer people on?

Your students are able to cheer other students on from the Student Zone.

Log into the Student Zone and click the arrow on the left hand side to open up the sidebar (please note: if your screen is big enough the sidebar may already be visible).

Students should then select the class from My Classes on the left hand sidebar and then click the module.

Click the task within the module.

Now students can begin the task by clicking Start. This is an active task, so the timer will continue to count down.

Once they are working on the task, students can see who else is also online working on the module. To cheer on other students they need to select the student and click the blue Cheer! option. Students can click on the sticker they want to send to other students. Make sure to select Send Cheer.

As a teacher you can prevent students from receiving cheers by choosing to disable them when creating tasks.