How do I check World Series results for my class?

You can view how many points your class has collectively earned during one of our World Series events (or any other competition), and use this information to see how many students in your class completed or to reward the top class in your school.

Start by clicking on Track Student Progress in the Other Areas... section of your Control Panel.

Select the classes for which you would like to view data. To select all classes, click on the All Classes button. To select only your classes, click on the My Classes button. To search for a specific classes, use the search bar at the bottom of the page. 

You can select multiple classes by holding down the Control key on your keyboard and clicking on each relevant class.

Select the content you would like to view. Choose the subject from the list on the left hand side, or choose All Content

As our World Series events are set up to only include points from the relevant subjects (e.g. Education Perfect English Championships will only include English & Literature points), you do not need to pick the specific subjects.

If you do pick a subject from the left hand side, ensure that All {subject} Content is ticked on the right hand side.

Select Competition, then select the name of the competition you'd like to view.

The amount of points each student has earned is listed, and the total for this class or this group of students is at the bottom.  

  1. To quickly change which class you are looking at, click the name of the class in the top left. If you have selected multiple classes, this will say Multiple Classes.
  2. To quickly change which competition you are looking at, click the competition name in the top middle. 
  3. To save the names of the students and the amount of points they earned during this competition, click the Export Stats button at the bottom of the page.