How do I assign remedial tasks to students after an assessment?

Once you have assessed your students, it can be helpful to follow up with tasks that can help them to fill in the gaps in their learning. Education Perfect can automatically create an individualised set of work for every student, based on their specific needs.


Questions in Education Perfect assessments can be tagged with specific skills which are tested, and these skills can then be linked to Smart Lessons which will be automatically assigned to the students who need help with those skills. 

Navigate to the Assessments tab from your Control Panel.

Hover over the assessment you'd like to set remedial tasks for, and click Analysis.

Scroll down to the Analysis and Recommendations box. The analysis tags from the assessment will be displayed. Click View Recommendations to see which students struggled with this skill. Click Assign Recommended Tasks to create a new assessment based on these recomendations. 

Select your settings from the pop-up window that appears, including how much work to assign to students, and whether to exclude lessons which students have recently completed. 

Ticking the Filter Recommended Tasks box allows you to assign tasks based on specific components of the assessment. You will also see approximately how long each section should take and how many students will be assigned each section.

When you're finished, click Assign Tasks.

If you assign remedial tasks more than once on the same assessment (for example after the first class completes it, then again when the second class completes it), the first class will end up with two tasks assigned to them. We recommend assigning recommended tasks once, when all students have sat the assessment.